Sir David Clementi BBC Chairman

Sir David Clementi is OF COURSE a crypto Jew….

There are perhaps hundreds of crypto Jews like Clementi who form the ruling class in London.

A quick check on the net reveals Clementi is a common enough Jewish name.

You probably never guess that Clementi is a Jew unless you had taken an advance course in spotting crypto Jews.(he was once employed at the bank of England….another good indicator)

It is the likes of Jews such as Clementi who are systematically and deliberately breaking down Britain’s identity via mass alien immigration….selling the destruction via constant promotion of it via the media….WHICH JEWS ALSO CONTROL…

It is sort of mass brainwashing…persuading people in Britain to voluntarily destroy their own identity….while in the other hand promoting minorities identity.Thus you get the Jewish ruling class allowing a giant mosque to be built in central London and facilitating the election of a Muslim mayor of London.(There has not been a native English mayor of London FOR DECADES….The ones like Livingstone and Johnson are crypto Jews like Clementi.

Do Jews control the BBC?…..of course they do….and the control is achieved by a racist employment policy favouring Jews and discriminating AGAINST Anglo Saxons.

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