Spicer resigns as White House press secretary…..

Spicer is a Jew….

He has been replaced by Scaramucci….who is ALSO A JEW.

Do Jews control the Whitehouse??….stupid question they OWN IT……from top to bottom.Government offices in Washington are said to empty out on Jewish religious holidays.

How do Jews manage it??.Easy…via their extensive and often secret networks non Jews are excluded from jobs on the basis of their race.Most of the “exclusion” is based around making sure Europeans do not get to work in the US Govt……they could prove to be a problem and competition for Jews.

Jews are extremely race conscious…and the situation in Washington relies on their racism not being immediately apparent…..hence the term crypto Jew….it works well because most Americans would assume that Spicer and Scaramucci are Whites….they seem to think the oaf Trump is a “white”…..wrong on that one….and guess what, the NEXT president will ALSO be a crypto Jew.

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