The Jewish Guardian again omits crucial detail.

This article is condemning enterprising Italians who used crowd funding to hire a boat to intercept invaders crossing to Italy from Africa (In essence private citizens in Italy are having to defend their country themselves BECAUSE THE ELITE WONT DO IT….infact the elite uses its power TO ASSIST THE INVASION!!.)

A mayor in Sicily (Bianco) is attempting to thwart the private citizens plans…..

This mayor is very likely to be a crypto Jew…..because NO genuine Catholic mayor in Italy would willingly invite in Muslim invaders.(keep in mind the Argentinian pope is a Marrano)

Jews in Sicily have a long history…although the mafia is described in the American media as Italian mafia…infact the most powerful mafia/organised crime gangs were Jewish….many originally from Sicily.

Today the American mafia has been “refreshed” by new mafia on the block…Russian….Russian Jews that is…and they are utterly ruthless….almost subhuman in nature…Just the sort of immigrants America needs right now….NOT.But keep in mind America does have a Jewish president right now…TRUMP.

Of course the Guardian would never mention the ethnicity of this mayor.The Guardian calls the Italians who hired the boat…”right-wing”.Infact the Guardian labels every one as right wing if they have the temerity to want to control the borders of THEIR country.

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