Lasher Darkmoon yet another Jewish fake from the alternative media.

Darkloon is a regular on the “” website….along with the Jewish barking mad Les visible and the Jewish Henry Mckow “Christian”…..and the non Jewish Jew Israeli Gilad Atzmon.

There is a pattern here….Thetruthseeker website runs Jews opposed to Jews…..(“let kindly Jews run your opposition to Jews for you”)

The Truthseeker runs a fair amount of DISinformation… you would expect from a website run by a Jew.

As quite a number of people have already stated…MOST of the alternative media is run by the Jews.This situation is designed so Global Jewry can continue to control the narrative.The most glaring example of this is Alex Bagel Jones….his “alternative news”‘ is fake of course….Jones is a full blown 101% kike….on the plus side he would make a good candidate for Jewish soap production….and blubber guts Jones is getting fatter the richer he gets.

Lasher Darkloon MAY be run by one of the proliferating number Intel agencies….perhaps used to gather info on who accesses the website.So keep in mind this stuff if you access Darkloons website…….”Richard”…….silly twat.

The intriguing thing is Darkloon remains anonymous…..for good reason no doubt…..a photo would reveal that she is a Red Sea Pedestrian….and that just wouldn’t do,now would it.

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