Max Hastings….The Zio-establishments court historian…goes into propaganda mode reviewing new Dunkirk film.

NOTE;Hastings is a crypto Jew and therefore unreliable…..He will always put a spin on history….

The film Dunkirk MAY have been made with a view to influencing current events…..That is the jewish/freemasons could well be lining up another massive conflict on the European mainland while they direct things from the island fortress of Britain.

Any nation with any self respect would rise up to stop THE CURRENT INVASION TAKING PLACE….organised by the same people who brought you WW2….The invasion of the third world.Let’s hope an enterprising German puts a bullet through frau Merkel….The British are too duped to do the same to May.

Keep in mind that a further world war has been long planned….this will provide the cover for the Jews in Israel to invade neighbouring countries which have been softened up for invasion by decades of war.

It is just possible that a call for war on the European mainland may meet resistance from the populace….and could backfire with the Rothschilds caught before they could flee the country.Once that happens the repatriation of invaders could begin.Naturally the Jews hold over the British Secret Police MI5 could be be removed.

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