Britain…a land of gross inequality AND the Poms fall for it.

There was a time not so long ago that Britain was the richest country in the world…..BUT so many Poms lived in abject poverty.Outside toilets,cold dank hovels and unable to afford to heat the hovels in winter.No bath or shower but a big tin set up in living room.It was reported that after rationing came in during wartime….poorer poms had an improved diet!!.Many poms actually suffered from malnutrition.

Australians and NZers,basically from the same stock were a lot taller and healthier.

So what is the actual problem here?….basically the class system which is still in play today no matter what the Daily Mail will lead you to believe….

The Upper Classes are completely self centred and don’t give a damn about the country…..They dupe the average pom while stealing their money….BUT the pommie ponsey scheme is all going to come to a grinding halt….The country is vastly overcrowded and the upper classes are flooding the country with low grade third world invaders….You could imagine around this time that rather than a quarter of the Mails pages devoted to the Windsors it will be up to three quarters.

Is it not about time the average pom figured out he is being taken for a ride and his country is doomed.He has two options…..revolution or emigration or maybe a holiday on the Costa del Sol.

Compared to Germany today the average pom has a poor standard of living…..but crypto Jews like Merkel are going to change that to the British model……given time.These changes take place slowly…..”We used to be able to leave our house unlocked”….say people…but they cannot pinpoint exactly when they had to start locking their house

Thomas Jefferson said revolutions provided the opportunity for the people to clean out the house and start again….BUT in Britain the all seeing secret police MI5 snuff out any such movement.

Basically Britain is fucked no matter what….and it is thanks entirely to the ruling class….who have been able to manage the masses to a point just before rioting breaks out…The whole point is though…The ruling class does not give a damn about the country’s future well being.They are interested in managing threats to their position….and that includes endless public relations efforts for the Windsors in the Daily Mail.


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