Dr James Fox Jewish BBC art historian

Jamie would have been the ideal model for a Nazi pro Aryan advertisement….he looks particularly hyper greasy…..and dodgy all rolled into one.

Of course what most people watching his pseudo documentaries is Fox (a common Jewish surname) is not presenting a Western view of western art…he is presenting the Jewish version.

MOST of the people he interviews are Jews….not Europeans.So the view of Western art is distorted by a Jewish lens……It has been well established that “Jews don’t do art” or can’t.So hyper greasy Jamie is precisely the wrong ethnicity to be doing doco’s on European art…..

Naturally or UN-naturally Fox focuses his attention on the perverse….and the bizarre.This is typically Jewish.Salvador Dali’s weird paintings are just the ticket for Fox.

Fox has a top job at Cambridge University….did he come by the job legitimately or have English universities now succumbed to Jewish racist nepotism employment….like Harvard and Yale.Two universities founded by European Christians but now completely taken over by the Jews…like America itself….

Controlling the media has enormous advantages for the promotion of Jewish Power and influence….it’s why the Jewish controlled BBC appointed hyper greasy Fox to make art documentaries….

From art documentaries to travel documentaries featuring a babbling motorcycle riding oddball whose speech synapses only function intermittently (With his China travel documentary it at first appeared he had learned Mandarin to converse with the natives….only to find he was speaking English!.)…Jews do the presenting or occasionally minorities…..Anglo Saxons don’t seem to be represented at all!!.

Shame Doc Fox did not cover Jewish propaganda as art….like bars of Jewish soap,Jewish lampshades and shrunken ‘eads.

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