People who use public buses in NZ are “loser cruisers” according to Mark Williamstein of TV3.

Wimp Williamson is of course an absolute TOSSER…. that goes without saying…he also has an irritating habit of lisping.

Williamstein is annoyed that NZers do not respect celebrities like they do in the US….on the contrary Kiwis recognise wankers and say so.

Obviously Kiwi Losers should plant Williamstein with a well aimed hook if they ever get the opportunity to do so.It might give the lisping little greaser a wake up call…..he obviously has ideas above his station….The cunt even has the temerity to pontificate on political matters to the NZ public…..what a fucking farce that is.

This is the sort of thing you get once the malignant celebrity culture takes hold…and it all originates from the US.

Williamstein once played representative cricket…..big fucking deal…now he hosts game shows….what a PRICK.

The Jews at Media works are apparently paying the git large sums of money…..forensic analysis of his finances would prove to be “beneficial”…it might persuade the tosser to behave like a NZer rather than a fucking big mouth yank wanker.

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