The new politically corrected Top Gear…viewing figures have fallen dramatically!!.

Now here is the question….How is it that the red headed twat Chris Evans is the BBC s highest paid employee??.It really does not add up.Keep in mind that Evans is a CRYPTO JEW….so his preposterous salary will be related to this fact.The second highest paid employee is Gary Linekar…..and surprise surprise Linekar is also a fully paid up tribe member.

But WORSE than these two is YENTOB a former BBC big shot.This Jewish chap is a hyper greasy full blown Semite.His Jewish mates at the BBC have set Yentob up with a superb Zio-$cam….The greaser works a couple of hours a week running some sort of obscure arty program….and pockets (proportionally) more than Evans and Linekar.

Obviously there is some serious corruption going down at the BBC….and straight out incompetence.The Jews at the top have managed to destroy the BBC s greatest earner…Top Gear.If the BBC was a private company heads would have rolled long ago…..but the politically correct BBC are determined to impose PC on viewers…no matter what.

Crypto Jew Evans is such a complete Dork you wonder if his popularity is self fulfilling hype.It is possible there is an extra “dimension” to Evans….perhaps a freemason or he belongs to one of those elite pedophile rings.

What a bunch of TOSSERS the new Top Gear idiots are….IT IS SIMPLY NOT WORTH WATCHING.

(When is NZ TV going to buy the Amazon Grand Tour series….?.)

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