Empire Warriors…see on You Tube……

See how the Jews don’t like free speech when it effects their interests.

They have doctored one of the episodes….The one dealing with the Jew killers in Palestine.

Of course..since the days of the Stern Gang killers in Palestine…Jewish power and Influence has grown exponentially in Britain…..right since the days of Margaret Thatcher….who was a crypto Jew who stood in a predominantly Jewish electorate in North London.Her cabinet was referred to as “more Old Estonian than Old Etonian”….an oblique way of saying that the cabinet was full of people of Jewish descent.

These hidden Jews who now govern Britain are in the process of destroying the country from within by MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION…..and they are doing the same to NZ,Australia and Canada.

Currently there is one of them in NZ….none other than Boris Johnson the crypto Jewish oaf.The Jews want to use the Commonwealth as a power base…

The are going to start issuing work permits for commonwealth citizens….and THAT MEANS ANOTHER WAVE OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS INTO BRITAIN….THE COUP DE GRAS….so to speak…..The immigrants will in turn be pitted against the native inhabitants of Britain….it is already happening to some degree…..hence the mass rape of British girls by immigrants being covered up for as long as possible.

The once mighty Britain will be brought to its knees by these fiends who are becoming more powerful by the year….they have one final hurdle…to get another world war started….when they will make their move for greater Israel.They may employ nuclear weapons to get the right amount of devastation.You could speculate they are installing crypto Jew officers on board the new British fleet of submarines…..



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