NZ Rich List released “Behind every great fortune is a great crime”

Good old Balzac the French novelist….an astute observer of humankind…..He is said to be responsible for the above quotation.

There is some variation on the actual quote….another says “Behind every great fortune is a great crime forgotten”.This is a better definition because the “great fortune owner” can then go on to depict himself as a great man….Like Sir Michael Fay…..The heroic yachtsperson.

OR….Graeme Hart….NZs richest man and asset stripper.He got his fortune started by swindling NZers out of their government owned assets.He made off with The Government Printing Office.

Then along came the internet which is beyond the control of the Rich Men who like to control the media and their reputation.(which is why you should expect internet freedom to be a temporary affair)

So Fay and Hart are two clear examples of the “great crime” part of Balzacs quote.Two Jewish criminals of ill repute.

So how do these Jews manage to feature so prominently in rich lists?.It has less to do with high intelligence and everything to do with secret Jewish networks…..which span right across the globe.

Hart did not manage to steal government owned assets on his own,neither did Fay and Richwhite…they got  ‘elp from their Jew buddies….

A clear distinction needs to be made between these Jewish money predators and wealth creators like Henry Ford.Ford actually recognised this himself and published a book about it.Needless to say….if Ford existed today he would be assassinated by the Jews…their power has grown exponentially since Ford’s time.They now hold the West hostage and have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people since the dawn of the 20th century…..currently they are killing millions of ordinary people in the countries surrounding Israel….as the disgusting poisonous jewess Madeline Albright said…..”It was worth it”……she was referring to the deaths of half a million children in the Middle East.

Basically it all revolves around the Jews ownership of the financial system…which relies on smoke and mirrors… that the American Federal Reserve is not “federal” at all…it is a Jewish owned gigantic scam.

Got any ideas about changing the situation?…..The Jewish fiends have backup….The secret police… Britain referred to by the innocuous sounding MI5…..I have had a taste of it me self.In Eastern Europe they’ll kill you….and this same situation WILL be visited Apon Americans… is just a matter of time.

Currently these rich Jewish criminals are in the process of the destroying a whole continent….EUROPE….via a mass invasion of the third world.No wonder Merkel,a crypto Jew ,has had the armour plating on her official mercedes massively strengthened….you get that sort of thing with illegitimate rulers who don’t govern by consent.

NOTE…Hart The Jew billionaire is the richest man in AUSTRALASIA…not just New Zealand……and the reason for that is…..New Zealand laws are so weak that these financial criminals can get away with virtually anything…..The immigration minister…a Jew, has been giving away “special exemptions” to NZs immigration law…. throwing the exemptions around like confetti…don’t think for a moment he has not been receiving “something” in return.

Money is power….Gerry Brownlee the grossly fat former woodwork teacher and now senior minister has recently proposed that relations with Israel need to be repaired… is NOT a coincidence that the fat bastard is a CRYPTO JEW.


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