NZ “working class” likely to abandon Labour and vote for NZ First at next election.

Just as in Britain the “working class” realised they had been abandoned by their traditional party…Labour… which has been taken over by identity issue freaks, more concerned about freedom to pack fudge than the reappearance of slavery in Britain.While hundreds perhaps thousands of East European prostitutes are being used and abused by pimps in London the latte sipping chattering class wankers are up in arms about tv women celebrities not getting paid enough.

However the media and the British Secret Police MI5 have worked their box of tricks to basically destroy the UKIP.

In NZ there is a growing realisation that the two main parties are essentially the same…..ESPECIALLY on immigration.Do NZers want to end up like the USA….with masses of working poor….The slave class….while the Jews in the American government get involved in endless garbage about Russian interference in American politics…..American politics has become gridlocked and can neither move forward nor backward.

So there could well be a shift of voters to NZ First… least they can be sure the Leader of NZ First won’t put a hand in the till….like English…..English has listened to his rich mates who want more cheap Labour for their businesses.You’ll notice that Japan does not bring in hordes of invaders for its industry.They did try bringing Brazilian born Japanese for a while …but it was largely a flop.

NO…THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION IS A RICH MANS SCAM…..and voting for any party other than NZ First will see it continue until the country becomes like the USA…..a fucking mess that will implode within 100 years….guaranteed.

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