The Your friendly Jewish run disinformation website.

Henry Mckow is one of the Jews who shows up routinely on this website.Mckow reckons he is a christian but spends all his time on Jews.

You can tell he is a fake because he reckons the six million Jews died thing is true!!.

He does not like the idea that crypto Jews operate within western societies…but they do.There is a  LOAD of evidence for that.

McKow reckons that Prince Charles was circumscribed by a rabbi because of the “British Israelite” tradition in Britain…..Here we have an example of how disinformation works….

Infact the jug eared geek Prince Charles was circumscribed for a far simpler reason…AND the most obvious one…..he is a crypto Jew….easy.Nothing to do with British Israelites or any nonsense like this.The Windsors are crypto Jews…..simple as that.It is NOT a coincidence that his son got married to a girl whose mother has easily identifiable Jewish ancestry….Kate Middleton is as Jewish as the wife of Tony Bliar….The hideous Cherrie.

The Spanish wised up to all their tricks…will the British 500 years later….knowledge of the huge power and influence of the jews IS growing…thanks entirely to the internet.


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