Paul Craig Roberts needs to lighten up a bit….

Recently he has been overdoing it on the Armageddon front….with constant references to the approaching wiping out of all life on the planet because of stuff between Trump and Russia etc.

He can relax…..Putin and Trump are both batting for the same team….they are both crypto Jews.

It is best to regard all this stuff as you would Big Time wrestling….all fake.Appropriately Trump has even featured in an actual show.

The Jewish fiends pulled the same stunt during the time of the USSR….meantime in the real world the US was sending shiploads of cheap grain to their mortal enemy….The USSR.

Roberts recognises that 9/11 was fake BUT DOES NOT MENTION that it was the Jews in Israel that caused it….he reckons it was the CIA.He also says that the CIA murdered JFK and his brother….NOT TRUE….It was the Jews.Lyndon Johnson was of course a crypto Jew….and installing him as president had huge benefits for the racist state (Israel)

There ain’t gonna be any Armageddon….until the Jews have secured more land…….

Roberts former B grade actor boss Ronald Ray-gun was almost certainly a crypto Jew….like almost ALL actors in Hollywood….even the American icon John Wayne was a crypto Jew.His REAL surname tells the Story….MORRISON.

Morris and derivations of this name are usually Jewish.The wailing pop star Alana Morrisette…a NY Jew.The English pop star Morrissey…..a Jew.

So Roberts should relax a bit…join a bridge club (if they have those in the USA)….or play high stakes poker….or how about shrunken heads collecting.

The global fiends may get rid of Trump but it doesn’t mean a thing as long as America has a Jew (crypto or otherwise) as president….because…should Trump be removed,they’ll replace him with another tribe member…..and Israel will continue to raid American taxpayers money to the tune of billions of dollars every year…..and back in the real world 50 million Americans are said to be living on the poverty line….The ones in employment are paid just enough to stop them rioting for food….it is virtual slavery in other words.

Turn on your TV for news….and have a laugh at the sheer audacity of some of the lies told.

Every half informed sensible person knows full well that the Jews are responsible for the mayhem in the Middle East…..they’ll keep the wars going and slowly grind down and demoralize the populations and destroy all their culture…and that includes historical monuments.

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