Paul Goldsmith Minister for tertiary education….Yes he is a Jew….National Party….

Have JEWS taken over the country….of course they have and this time around it has only taken them 100 years…

Current two Jews are battling it out in a London court case.Eric Watson and Owen.These two Jews have shifted to London to live….an appropriate place for them….IT IS FULL OF JEWISH MEGA FINANCIAL CRIMINALS WHO HAVE FLED THEIR OWN COUNTRY…it is safer in London….simply because London is the most corrupt capital in Western Europe.

Watson and Owen have a cash account in the Channel Islands….with TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS SITTING IN IT…OR IS IT POUNDS.

Of course,by now,most Kiwis will have forgotten about the giant NZ scam Hanover Finance…..Watson was never convicted and neither was his jew mate at Hanover….

Obviously….OBVIOUSLY someone in the NZ judicial system was BRIBED in order to let these fucking Jew criminals off the hook…..but since we have a Prime Minister caught cooking the expenses…The is NO CHANCE Hanover Finance will EVER be held to account…

The bought media WILL however harp on about a Green MP who said she did not reveal all to the social welfare….

One law for the rich….one for the poor….Rather than the public being all exercised about ram raiders stealing some cartons of smokes…..The public SHOULD be concerned about the criminal Jewish elite….who are going to fuck NZ for ever with third world Immigration.

Note…TV1 carried this news report about the dirty Jewish cunt Watson….THE THIEF…..NZs version of the fucking Jew MADOFF.

There was NO mention made by TV3 owned by Mediaworks….OWNED BY JEWS….which in turn is own by Oaktree Investments an American multinational OWNED BY JEWS.

Don’t discount the possibility that Watson has some connection to Oaktree…hence the media silence.It is a known fact that Watson has associated with key media figures at TV3 ….and Watson wants to get a new “harbour stadium”……therefore you would expect the sycophants at TV3 to put in promos for a new stadium….Watson’s stadium.

Don’t ever forget the extensive long term suffering inflicted by Watson’s criminality…..on ordinary NZers.( they should strongly consider organising “retribution” for the Hanover directors…there is NO CHANCE the judicial system Will ever hold them to account….NONE.)


Crypto Jews and their names.For some reason Jews have used the names of European tree species as their family name……Like OAKtree Investments…BIRCH is another common Jewish name.

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