Eric Watson….once a criminal Jewish financier always a criminal Jewish financier…

Turns out Watson has handed back the $200,000,000 to the Jew Owen….Jew Watson however is fighting to keep hold of the interest earned on the money while it sat in the tax evading bank account (Secret bank accounts in the Bahamas have been raised).

This whole thing of course could be an elaborate Jewish smokescreen for something else… arrangement between the two Jewish crooks….

You never take events like this at face value…..not if it involves two Jews.Owen is on his last legs with one foot on a banana skin and the other in a tax free Caribbean island.Will the Inland Revenue department see any tax duties once Owen shuffles off this mortal coil…HIGHLY UNLIKELY….make that NO.

Will all those NZers who lost money thanks to  Watson……ever see any of their money again….YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING JOKING…..he spent half a million of it on his birthday bash with rich Donmehs in Istanbul.

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