How the NZ GOVT immigration policy works….

It is very straightforward….The NZ Govt KNOWS NZers want third world Immigration STOPPED….but popular public opinion is in direct opposition to an hidden agenda.Therefore maximum effort is made to dupe and manipulate the public in order to implement policy.

It does not matter which party is in power….they are both run by the same people….

It’s all about treachery……..and the imposition of an hidden agenda.The media is part of the agenda….so don’t ever expect the media to give an honest account on immigration.

Put it like this…..a few years ago a poll was taken regarding changes to the laws governing homosexuality… astounding 80% of NZers were against any change to the laws.


This situation is absolutely nothing to do with representative democracy….nothing at all….The forcible imposition of laws….is the hidden elite carrying out THEIR agenda.This sort of thing is going on in virtually ALL Western democracies.

According to that latest lies….”employers have requested a relaxation in immigration law”….THAT will be about ten percent of the reason.

The NZ immigration minister appears to be a homosexual which is ideal for a position such as this.(his e mail address is available on the net)

In Britain today….on the surface things seem to be going along as usual….but it is a false picture…..all it takes will be something out of the ordinary,which will set off a chain reaction….so widespread is the opposition to immigration….The secret police MI5 have their hands full trying to keep a lid on it…..they will become increasingly vicious toward objectors which will only exacerbate the situation and increase hatred of Parker (a Jew) MI5.

The Daily Mail is not giving blanket coverage of the Windsors for the hell of it…..The Windsors have worn out their welcome….BUT the power structure in Britain is built around them.Once removed Britain can begin repatriation of  invaders and lynching the editor of the Daily Mail.

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