Jesse Mulligan media Jew (the project tv3)

Is Mulligan the best man for the job….well if he is there must have been bugger all applicants.

Nah!….Mulligan is of the “right” ethnicity to be employed in the media….JEWISH.

There is a very well concealed racist employment policy at TV3….favouring people of Jewish ethnicity.

Keep in mind the parent company of Mediaworks “Oaktree Investments” USA is a totally Jewish owned and operated outfit.

So Meathead Mulligan got the job because he is a Jew….easy.

Obviously his jew mates are paying him a ridiculous salary….he has just taken his wife and hatchlings on a holiday to Hawaii….like the Jewish financier John Key does.

After all…..although billed as a comedian…Mulligan is a COMPLETE TWAT and not remotely funny….except for the fact he is a DORK.

On tonight’s edition of the Project….The ENTIRE PANEL is composed of media crypto Jews……including the Australian giant lesbian Alley Something or other….whose own claim to infamy is her large collection of 4th Generation Jumbotron vibrators (apparently these have chips in them which are able to control the oscillation of the wobbling knob feature)

Jewish exclusive racism is a major problem in the media…which should be addressed….It is as bad or WORSE in Britstein.

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