Lex Oppia….pertaining to Paula “sponge-pudding” Bennet.

Paula Bennet NZs infamous deputy Prime Minister heralds the decline of the country itself.

The earlier Romans recognised the dangers of Roman Paula Bennets…by passing a special law “Lex Oppia”…forbidding excessively extravagant clothing for women….trouble is, after conquering Carthage the Romans were awash with stolen loot….and the law was abolished under the combined weight of hundreds of Roman women……(if they in any way resembled Paula Bennet…that would add up to several tons)

So it could prove beneficial to introduce a similar law in NZ….trouble is NZ is past the point of no return on this one…..fudge packing has reached epidemic proportions in the NZ parliament…..something else NZ has in common with Ancient Rome….obviously all of this degeneracy could be cured by a quick spray of Kalashnikov bullets.

Cato the Elder was the approximate equivalent of the Sir Edmund Hillary generation in NZ…….You would have found Paula Bennet whooping it up at one of Nero’s after dinner parties…putting her arm length leather gloves to unimaginable uses.


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