Massaging unemployment figures in NZ….

If you are a regular reader of Paul Craig Roberts articles….you’ll find out how the professionals do it….that is the Zionist Occupied Govt of the US.

The official unemployment figures in the US bear no relation to reality….that is beyond doubt.All you need to falsify the figures is a compliant media willing to lie their heads off.

So there is a good case to be made that NZ is following the same path.Meantime the FUCKING CUNTS are flooding NZ with more cheap Labour from the third world…..which only drives down wages and opportunities for NZers.The compliant media NEVER says a fucking word about it…..BUT they will give you all the information you could not want about “transgender toilets”….’Just take a look some time at the MORONIC POLITICALLY CORRECT IDIOTS fronting TV1 breakfast…..every so often one of the self righteous PC idiots breaks out into Maori……hold on a minute….what exactly was the purpose of establishing Maori TV channels if not to provide Maori language.You doubt if the English tv channels in Wales do this,because there are Welsh language TV channels.

No….The holier than thou little cretin Jack Rabbit….has taken it apon himself to hector NZers with his Marxist origin claptrap….Cultural Marxism.He could be informing.g NZers….ALL NZers about the full employment con trick…or the homelessness con trick or the disastrous effect on public health care of mass alien immigration con trick….but no,the snotty nosed little creep focusses on identity issues.

On a brighter note…it has been scientifically proved that bigger heads equal greater intelligence….and,you may have noticed that Patrick Gower TV3 on the spot political reporter has a huge head in comparison to his spivvy suited body…..A few  people have suggested that some Nazi head shrinking technology might be in order…for Mr Gower…..OR a zyklon® tune up.

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