Crypto Jew Mick Jagger releases new song about England.

You gotta admire the chutzpah….Here he is bemoaning the fate of England…yet the lecherous old kike doesn’t even live in the place….he can often be found on Mustique the haven for the non taxing paying elite…most of whom are Jews… a neighbouring Caribbean island owned by the conman and Jew Richard Branstein.(He has specialised in recent years of getting hold of government owned “franchises” and milking them for all they are worth.)He has just sold off most of his shareholding in Virgin….he has seen the writing on the wall.

Jaggers drug use promoting lifestyle and songs have contributed to the current state of Britain.According to Jaggersteen he is tired of immigration…why….he is one of the small number of beneficiaries of it and NEVER has to contend with all the problems caused by it.

Unlike the new crop of pop stars Jagger is old enough to see how far Britain has fallen….The immigrants are rioting again in London right at this minute…

He comments on corruption….what took the wrinkly degenerate so long..London is probably THE most corrupt Western European capital.Jagger has shifted his money to Holland….like another Jewish pop star hypocrite…Bono.The finances of Holland are firmly in the hands of the Jews and have been since the days of the black tulip ponzi scam.

Well….as has been stated…all it will take for things to kick off will be some incident and it won’t be immigrants doing the rioting it will be the native British who have been dumped on by an out of touch cynical elite…for decades.You can imagine the all seeing British elites secret police (MI5) are working overtime these days.The well disguised gross inequality of British society cannot,for much longer,be sustained…no matter how many Windsor promos there are in the Mail.

Naturally…they give Jagger a knighthood….he hobnobs with the elite …he is PART of it….The elite which keeps promoting multiculturalism and allows the flood of invaders to keep invading…and wrecks a huge money making BBC program…. Top Gear, in the interests of PC ideology….this fact alone tells you just how bad it is.

Jagger reckons England will become a haven for the rich….What cloud is this creep on exactly….it already IS a haven for the rich…..and the leader of the pack…The Windsor billionaires….. pay a paltry amount just to keep the plebs happy.

And Granny Theresa May is going to make the required changes….you have got to laugh….it is a good demonstration just how out of touch the elite…is.

Jagger quotes the “let them eat cake” thing……what a tosser he is.He is said to be worth 100,000,000 pounds.


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