Gypsies created havoc in Paris….Macron is a crypto Jew….could this by any chance be related.

Yep….no doubt about it….See the infamous Barbara Spectre you tube video.

The Romanian government is only too pleased to see the back of them….pushing the problem onto other European countries….saving ’emselves a pile of cash in the process.

Macron the CRYPTO jew put in place by global Jewry is symptomatic of what really ails France…..A crypto Jewish elite dictating social policies that go against the interests of ordinary French people.

There’s another “Macron” in Germany busily destroying Germany and yet another in Britain….The hook nosed incompetent granny May.They have another candidate hiding in the sidelines….none other than Boris Johnson…..biding his time.

Obviously voting is a waste of time…there is evidence to suggest that Marine Le Pen actually won the last election….but the ballot papers were deliberately damaged to void the vote.

Guerilla action…..covert of course,against the Jewish elite seems to be the only viable action….The media and secret police both being in the hands of the Jews.

And back in the real world….English girls are being raped and abused by Pakistani immigrants brought into Britain by the crypto Jew BLAIR….AND THE ELITE ATTEMPTED TO COVER IT UP.

ON THE OTHER HAND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO ENGLISH PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OUT AGAINST IMMIGRATION…THE BRITISH SECRET POLICE (MI5)AND THE ORDINARY POLICE WILL SUBJECT THEM TO FULL TIME SURVEILLANCE AND HARASSMENT….The message could hardly be clearer……covert action is the ONLY option when the state targets law abiding citizens….because the state does not like their opinions.




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