Joan Collins takes to Zimmer frame to escape conflagration in the Costa del Provence.

Poor old Joan had to run for it down in St Tropez….huge fires threatened the rickety Colins….As a matter of interest there are large concentrations of crypto Jews living in this area….rather like Florida….Joan Collins is a Jewess of course but it is unlikely you’ll see that written in Hello! magazine.

Okay…how does all this line up with the Vichy France business during WW2…Well of course it doesn’t ….as you might expect….after all there were Jewish owned nightclubs operating in Paris during the Nazi occupation!!.

Then there was Senor Franco the fascist Spanish dictator who “purely by chance” had a recognisable Marrano surname and “oddly” for a nationalist,a bodyguard of Moroccans???!!! WTF.

Joan Collins social circle in St Tropez would be almost exclusively Jewish and rich….Unfortunately Collinstein is a bit too long in the tooth for soap production or Art Deco  lampshades….

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