As mentioned my cell phone is hacked…

Currently I am engaged in an email exchange with certain authorities in Britain….of course ALL the emails are read by the NZ SIS.    illegally.This provides opportunity for interference…But the replies are not consistent often contradicting each other.

Last week I had a letter sent to my address….this one had the wrong name but the right address.It pointed out that X individual had been recorded leaving NZ and thus his dole would be stopped….hint hint….WANKERS.

Obviously the Jews/intelligence services don’t like what is written in the blog….BUT they sort of have to keep up appearances that we live in a democracy.”We” don’t….it is an oligarchy composed mainly of crypto Jews….rich ones.Plus the satanic Freemasons of course.

I have correctly predicted what they might do….and received an email yesterday which fitted the prediction pretty much 100%.

Keep in mind I have read plenty about thought criminals who have been subject to this stuff….so you know they will stoop to anything….anything!.

I’ll put up the details in due course…provided they don’t fuck the blog that is….at one point they were putting up posts on the sly…nuthin’ to do with me…of course.

I got an email from a doctor’s surgery (uk)who reckoned he had “discovered” my email….I sent the email about six months ago….so he is lying and perhaps been prompted to send the email….I had asked for information…..but he says “what do you want to know”….. “sorry I cannot disclose any information”…It is possible the email is not even from the surgery.

Some other wankers from another source has been bullshitting big time…IF the emails are actually genuine.

This sort of thing demonstrates that privacy legislation is an ILLUSION….

I will give up on this farce pretty soon and just put up what has been going on.(It is not nice…criminal infact)

Including Ms X  address in Britain…a jewess involved in all this…who lives in Canterbury.


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