….The Guardian…..Identity issues a good distraction from…..

The Guardian is no longer making a profit….it regularly features begging letters to donate money to them.Obviously only large companies have the money to keep the cunts ticking over so they can continue with their PC tripe…which makes ’em “fascist like” ….have they received any money from the Jewish financial swindler Soros….??.

Recently the Guardian has been railing against the “gig economy”…..funny then,well not exactly funny….that they have over ONE HUNDRED JOURNALISTS ON THEIR BOOKS ON ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS…

So much for the hypocritical cunts at the Guardian.

Then there is the Evening Standard…London’s only evening newspaper…it’s smaller in size than the broadsheets so you can open its pages on public transport without interfering with the  personal space of the third world immigrant (who is sitting next to you.)

The editor of this rag is none other than the former minister George Osbourne….he was directly appointed to the job via the secretive Jewish elite network….no tedious job application required.

Surprising as it may seem Osbourne (like the TV Ozzy Osbourne) is a Jew but you won’t be reading about that anywhere soon, you might however ,see him popping up at a church marriage (hi.$oc).

So Osbourne is not one of those daft easily recognisable Jews you see dressed in undertaker suits….he is a crypto Jew….there are more of those in parliament than you would think.The 15,th Century Spanish had them figured out…..John Kerry would have been called a Marrano and so would the war criminal Blair.

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