Four former NZ PMs call for MORE “refugees”…




These three former prime minister’s are CRYPTO JEWS.

The Fourth PM Bolger is a CATHOLIC….he may be also a crypto Jew….like the “Catholic” American politicians Madeline poison Zio-dwarf Albright and John Ghoul Kerry.Bolger is actually a fucking cunt to boot….a scheming and plotting freemason fully signed up globalist….He has been amply rewarded for his treachery by the elite …..getting “no work”directorships of big companies.Bolger lives in splendid isolation from the daily trials and tribulations of ordinary NZers.He does not have to wait in long queues behind immigrants for his children to see a doctor.NOR….would one of his children suffering cancer be living in a car because all the immigrants brought into NZ have taken all the available housing stock..IN SHORT BOLGER IS A TOTAL FUCKING ELITIST CUNT….

Like his mates….The chattering classes Labour former PMs…..WHO ARE ALL INTIMATELY CONNECTED TO THE JEWISH RUN GLOBALISM….

Now keep in mind… pay a high price for commenting on these elitist CUNTS….they set their police on you for one thing….ESPECIALLY if you are driving a car….Then of course there is the SIS…hacking their way into your cell phone and intercepting your mail and bugging your dwelling….ALL under the radar of course….and if you kick up a fuss about it….The fucking cunts will stitch you up with claims of psychological bullshit….It’s Orwellian.

These un-democratic CUNTS want to persuade NZers to pressure the govt for another 500 “refugees”.

More than likely this is a strategy…that is the cunts get a minority of NZers to make a big noise about (indirectly assisted by the likes of the criminal Jew financier SOROS)…The media which is ALSO CONTROLLED BY JEWS…like mediaworks which owns TV3…then gives the required echo of the original objective…making it seem like thousands of NZers want more third world immigrants pouring in..THEY DONT!!..’’s a lie.Then the GANG OF FOUR get their wish….more third world immigrants…..a total scam from start to finish.

ALL of these “former prime minister’s” are a joke….and not one of them is worthy of respect…..NOT ONE….It’s a bit like the situation in the USA….where the last DECENT US President was over FIFTY YEARS AGO….and the deep government murdered him….for “deep government” read Global Jews Inc.Kennedy made speeches about all this………A VERY DANGEROUS MOVE.


Are their any kiwis with a potato masher.

There ARE IDIOTS who buy into this shit of course…..there they were in Germany carrying signs with “welcome refugees”…….An attack carried out by an Iraqi “refugee” in a nightclub with a machine gun….is reported by the LYING MEDIA as “not connected to terrorism”.(you’ll notice that these terrorists DONT spray Merkels (crypto Jew) heavily armoured mercedes with machine gun fire…just ordinary citizens)

NOTE;An American Jewess…Tracy Barnett has got all this organised…she will be connected to international Jewish organisations and possibly the Jewish financier George Soros.

Would Tracy Barnett EVER campaign for Israel to take these refugees….NOT A CHANCE IN HELL.(see the infamous Barbara Spectre you tube video)


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