Australia’s CRYPTO Jewish elite continue to flood Australia with people from all over the world….on the quiet.


Australians are like Grey Warblers (a small bird) who cannot recognise that the chick in their nest is not a Grey Warbler but a cuckoo chick.

There are many more crypto Jews in the Australian govt

Example.There is an Australian tv show called “Bondi Vet” starring Chris Brown…..He is tall with blonde hair…he doesn’t look like a Jew at all….but he sure as hell IS a Jew….(his female assistant does however look Jewish).He is only on TV because he is a Jew…The prick is a poseur….but Aussies don’t like TOSSERS like this so he tones down his act.

These Jews were responsible for jailing Pauline Hanson on trumped up charges.

These Jews are responsible for the constant veiled attacks on Hanson by the Australian media….THEY OWN IT.

The Jews have allowed into Australia..people from,just for example,Nigeria and Sudan and Algeria.None of whom are eligible for entry.On the other hand the Jews are placing stringent conditions on Europeans who wish to live in Australia.

But the Jews are not finished yet…they use the media they control to promote intermarriage between Europeans and other ethnicities….

Australians better realize they are engaged in an ancient conflict with the Jews…..and the Jews are out to destroy them and their identity….via multiculturalism HEAVILY PROMOTED BY THE MEDIA WHICH THEY CONTROL.

It is only going to get worse…..

Mean time Packer junior the gambling thug is hanging out in ISRAEL consorting with Jewish criminals.

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