David Elliot…Australia’s counter terrorism minister……

Like his boss TURNBULL….David Elliot is a crypto Jew….

It is rather appropriate really since the Jewish elite is inflicting terrorism on the people OF Western Countries….

Put it like this….International Jewry used Australian troops to clear the Turks out of Palestine during WW1…under the command of  GENERAL MONASH…..a crypto Jew.

International Jewry is STILL USING Australian manpower and resources to fight ISRAELS WARS in the Middle East.

The JEWS are also responsible for multiculturalising AUSTRALIA and bringing in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of alien immigrants to Australia.

There is clear cut evidence of Western Jewish controlled intelligence agencies being involved in fostering terrorist acts or EVEN carrying them out with FALSE FLAGS.

So….all in all…..highly appropriate that the JEW ELLIOT holds this position in the Australian government….as a result Aussies should expect MORE not less fake and real terror attacks.Aussies should remember that the TV news they watch every night is run by the Jews and therefore NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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