Jewish owned Guardian harping on about anti-Semitism again.

An Irish journalist working for the Sunday Times….apologized for his column which suggested Vanessa Feltz was “one of the fattest Jews on the celebrity circuit in London”….AND “she would be the perfect ingredient for the production of a range of  niche marketed boutique soaps”.

NOTE:Such columnists only apologize because they are aware of the power of the Jews and how they destroy people from behind the scenes…..quietly,slowly,silently and effectively….

To prove this….people should note how the Guardian USUALLY PREVENTS comments on articles like this…because the Jews at the Guardian know from experience that a flood of pro-human comments will be made by the public….

And let’s face it Vanessa Feltz is a grotesque caricature of the greedy overbearing Jew…

You NEVER apologize to Jews….The journalist should have gone on the offensive …..they are ALWAYS wanting apologies… is all rather like Mafia bosses demanding apologies….with menaces.

How about Jews apologize for wiping out Deir Yassin Village in Palestine or FLOODING EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WITH THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS USING THEIR ENORMOUS POWER AND INFLUENCE (See notorious Barbara Spectre You Tube video)

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