NZ Labour Party swaps Jewish leadership….

Jacinda GNASHERS Adern….takes over in palace coup.(crypto Jew)

Now here’s the interesting bit.Her deputy is described as “Maori”…..he may well have Maori ancestry…BUT his Jewish ancestry is the important bit.As usual,mention of Jewish ancestry is NOT mentioned.

(See recent firing of the new Trump (crypto Jew) press secretary Scare-a-moochi.You won’t see any mention of him being a Jew….but he is as Jewish as a fake Nazi shrunken head..

His replacement will ALSO be a Jew.Kelly….some sort of General is ALSO a crypto Jew….(as Jewish as General Mike Jackson who was in charge of the British illegal invasion of Iraq)

Do Jews TOTALLY CONTROL THE US GOVT… bet your life they do….they now hold the country to ransom…and the chaos you now see in Washington reflects their control and their mentality….They are in the process of utterly wrecking the US.

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