Identity issues….PC garbage in NZ supplants REAL ISSUES.

Homelessness and Supermarkets undermining the free market system in NZ are JUST TWO IMPORTANT ISSUES that COULD have been raised by the media in connection with the new Labour leader.

But what does the media concentrate on…??….whether a question about children should have been asked of the Leader of the opposition….HERE we have an obvious example of what has happened to left wing parties in the West….bullshit….PC BULLSHIT.Is it any wonder voters are searching around for alternative parties to waste their vote on.Waste because it is becoming abundantly clear that the two party system in the West has been hijacked by the same people.

The media is now using smoking as an issue….meantime in the REAL world in NZ….people are dropping like flies from the abuse of illegal drugs which the govt does nothing substantial to stop.They encourage it by allowing Chinese criminals to live in NZ.

On the subject of identity issues…If the new Labour Deputy leader showed up outside a Maori village in pre European times….would THEY have regarded him as Maori…..Not by his appearance they wouldn’t.

The whole thing is absurd…but it is a good distraction from pressing issues in NZ.Like uncontrolled immigration,to a huge divide in wealth,to hugely overpaid political representatives who don’t represent….The cunts voted for their own pay rises…with NO CHECK on their baser instincts.

As people have figured out in many western countries….VOTING IS A WASTE OF TIME…..on crucial issues popular,meaning the majority,opinion is being ignored….

Would the NZ Labour Party help alleviate pressing social issues if voted into power……No way….that’s why the era of Labour parties in Western Countries are coming to an end….What the Labour Party CUNTS WILL DO is continue to hobnob with their mates on the opposition benches…..first checking that there is no one around to take photos of them doing so.

Will Winston Peters do anything substantial if in a position of power post election…..ALL EVIDENCE SUGGESTS HE WONT AND THAT HE IS OWNED BY THE JEWISH/MASONIC CABAL….which raided NZers assets in the eighties.Privatisation was just another way of describing the massive transfer of public wealth into the Jewish elites hands….facilitated by corrupt scum in parliament.

However NZers have one last opportunity to vote for an independent NZ……by voting for NZ First…..there is NO guarantee that it will make any difference…..something is better than nothing.

Really…like other Western Countries…NZ is headed for big social upheaval….AND…The secret police will become ever more hostile to the average person.

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