Jacinda Adern introduces Labour’s new manifesto….

She is looking after her mates in the Racing Industry….She has proposed subsidized dental care for race horses…

This is just about typical for these overpaid cunts in the Labour Party.

People no longer enter politics to bring about change to make NZ a better place to live in…..THEY ARE AFTER DA MONEY….AND ALL THE PERKS THAT GO WITH IT….like needless fact finding missions overseas….Like that preposterous independent MP in Wellington….who attends operas in Vienna…..he is one of the homosexual cabal in parliament….take note of his fruity bow ties.WOT A FUCKING WANKER…..and the mystery is NZers vote for such OBVIOUS fakes….and there are plenty more where he came from.

Nick Smith in Nelson for example…this prick is such an obvious wrong ‘un it beggars belief that ANYONE could possibly vote for him.Some websites suggest he is involved in pedophilia!!.


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