Down and out in Bournemouth…UK.

Bournemouth is a pommie seaside resort….Australasians wouldn’t think so though…it is a heavily built up,over populated dump but not as bad as some pommie seaside towns….which the American crypto Jew writer wrote about (Theroux)…..some English seaside town’s look like the sort of place you’d find in a post nuclear war country….and,believe it or not,they are getting worse….some are now dumping grounds for third world immigrants.

But Bournemouth does have a Sandy beach..unlike say Brighton which has pebbles or fucking rounded rocks.(Brighton is now full of homosexuals and lesbians….most of the letting accommodation is owned by Jews….)

I rocked up here in Bournemouth not knowing that it was full of Jews!….they even have their own synagogue with those freakish religious Jews in their crazy undertaker uniforms….some had hats with fur rims…..They looked like aliens from another planet…planet ZOG.

Just shows you….if you are not a native of a country… are liable to miss out on crucial details even if you speak the same language.

The owner of the house I was staying in made a practice of letting out rooms to foreign language students.Bob was his name (Alma road) he was some sort of an unqualified builder and only a couple of genes away from a full blown dwarf.(I suspected he may have sexually assaulted a Korean girl (student) and was going to report him to the authorities but events overtook things.

Anyway…I was of course tracked to Bournemouth by the Jewish network.Shortly after taking up my digs…there was a new arrival at the houseAn English teacher who taught English to the loads of foreign students in Bournemouth…..Of course! a Jewess originally from Winchester.And she wasn’t there by chance!….no siree.At one point I considered she may have worked for MI5…(teaching English would be a good cover)….anyway she was certainly part of the Jewish network.

Later on I am walking down a main road with a Japanese girl…and a car drives past and the occupants started hurling abuse….I couldn’t catch what they were saying…but there were plenty of “fucking cunt” in the mix.I only later figured out they were far right types.Okay….why the fuck was I getting attention from them since I had no association with these idiots…..Then it occurred to me that I had been set up….with this Japanese girl….I had mentioned this to the aforementioned jewess!!!….I had been set up to be in the company of this Japanese girl….So now,not only was I being targeted by the JewsI also had to contend with far right mobsters….perfect.(I subsequently also had trouble from Gypsies!!…I wouldn’t have known a gypsy if I tripped over one….being a New Zealander.)

So it was looking like I was being targeted by the Jew run MI5….using standard tactics used against nationalist Poms…by the British Secret Police..

Then one bleak evening in those terrible British winter’s (dark at 4 o’clock and continually overcast skies) I was walking back to my digs and on the footpath was a large “spray” of marijuana leaves…..WTF?!….this sounds like nonsense…BUT there was a reason for it…..The fiends had tried to set me up back in NZ with stuff involving said marihuana leaves….but….they FAILED…tough fucking bad luck that.This incident sort of confirmed that I was being targeted by the British Secret Police…..after all the NZ police had sent information abroad….not only to Britain,but also,just for example…Sweden…..THE SCURRILOUS FUCKING CUNTS.

Later on I got an extremely cheap package tour to Luxor,Egypt….cheap as British horribly fat dripping chips.It was the off-season or something…..From sub zero temperatures and cold that works its way into your bones to a balmy 25°.( on the other hand you don’t ever want to be in Egypt in summer…The heat is unbelievably.)

At ‘eafrow airport while waiting for the flight I was looking for” possibles” that is,other lone travellers…males.I think I identified one of them.So the cunts were going to watch me here too.Later on I got a cheap Nile river cruise for two days primarily because up the river were some very interesting Egyptian ruins in good nick.On the “cruise” (the boat ended up passengers had to shift to a higher deck) was a persistent old Zio-crone who kept tailing me around the boat….it then dawned on me that she was probably a zio-operative….you would hardly suspect a shrunken old lady….keep in mind this was in Egypt….so unlike Western Countries….The Jews have to be careful.

Top tip for nieve travelling kiwis NEVER touch on anything remotely political in third world countries….there are so many informers around looking to curry favour with the authorities that you’ll be dobbed in on something.

Later on I went to a market selling stuff to the now non existent tourists and was continually badgered by a shoe shine guy….who had not bothered to check my shoes,which were in fact a pair of flip flops (as the poms call them).The stall holders were laughing at his efforts….So I stopped and pointed to my non shoed feet…..Then gave him a dollar ($US….due to the language barrier I could not explain the significance of the Egyptian pyramid printed on the dollar…but then again he seemed to be suffering from permanent heatstroke so I wouldn’t have got very far if I did)…The dollar was for his badgering efforts in the face stark reality…no shoes to shine.

Then it was back to cold hell…..Zionist Occupied Britain….and make no mistake these racist fiends have got that place sewn right up.The crypto Jewess Theresa May has continued paying for these Jewish thugs to have their own quasi police force….(shomrin or something like that)….to the tune of 14,000,000 POUNDS PER YEAR….it is highway robbery of the British taxpayer,no doubt about that.They get this money in order to target British citizens who have the audacity to criticise Jewish Power….so in reality May is a treacherous old hag….putting the interests of Jews before the welfare of British citizens whom she purports to represent.

Later I met a Norwegian who may have been married to a Jew….who later very kindly introduced me to some friends…(if they were actually friends)…turned out the “friends” where a pair of heavy drug users,possibly addicts!.

After fleeing Bournemouth I headed for the leafy surrounds of upmarket Surrey…..a rich area with multi million dollar houses…including rich golfers etc.

BUT THEY WERE AHEAD OF ME….I was working as a cleaner type at a public prep school (at LEAST half the brats were non religious Jews….).Well it did not last too long here.During the schools holiday period when there was no one around….two whacking great bangs went off….outside my digs…I didn’t even bother venturing out to see what the cause was…besides which they would have taken off….Keep in mind Jews portray themselves as hapless victims who wouldn’t ‘arm a fly.

It is possible this was the handiwork of the British Secret Police….The same cunts who later fired off dozens of shots near a youth hostel on the outskirts of London….in the dead of night….MI5 again….The same cunts who used children in care homes to entrap pedophiles they could then go on to control via the threat of exposure.

At this time I needed a break from experiencing overseas….or overseas experience…..only to go from the frying pan into the fire….back to NZ.

…..For brevity I have skipped details like the enormous hassle I had at Hong Kong airport…..a stopover….they suddenly wanted to charge me huge amounts for excess baggage…but my gear had passed ok in London???.

One chief regret on the final flee trip back to NZ was I had had to sell off all my laboriously collected camera gear to pay for the flight…and lost a couple of thousand pounds doing so….(or more).I simply had to get out of that fucking country…..If you have no resources that’s you only option… least in NZ you are familiar with how things work…

Like a whole handful of trespass notices handed to me by a policeman in Queenstown…who then had the audacity of asking me if he could take a picture of me.They later filmed me in their interview room after I made a complaint about my protest sign being stolen (THEY probably stole it)…Needless to say the “filming” was illegal….but since when do laws have anything to do with it.

Of course the very idea of having a protest sign is laughable but only in hindsight….once you are fully acquainted with how things REALLY work.

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