Jono and Ben…Jewish cretins on NZ TV.

These two idiots are embarrassing to watch as they cavort around the stage.They are SUPPOSED to be funny and NZers are SUPPOSED to be entertained by their cretiny…Infact they are just a pair of Jewish tv gits who only got the job because of their ethnicity.

They are not remotely funny or entertaining….they are cringe making.

What NZ is witnessing is a move away from British orientated humour toward slapstick American garbage.(like the fucking IDIOT Jimmy Felon who is crying out to be turned into a shrunken head…or a cake of soap)

The trouble is no critic in NZ feels the need to call out these cretins and call a spade a spade….ZIO-jerks.Trouble is in NZ they all know each other…so there is no chance these zio-fools will ever disappear from NZ TV…..It won’t be long before such programmes have a fake laughing soundtrack added on…..

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