The NZ justice system…some people are more equal than others.

There’s the infamous case of the Jewish oligarchs son who knocked out a policeman…fined 5000 dollars..which to an individual worth hundreds of millions of dollars….is NOTHING…probably around fining an ordinary kiwi five dollars…no jail term for the Chosen elite.

Now we have the case of the Greens Leader being hounded and harried by the elites media…over some trifling amount of money….less money than a Jewish oligarch would save in some elaborate tax evasion scheme….in a day!.

Some “difficult” people will be asking about the Catholic Freemason Bill English and his illegal scam….

Then there were FAY AND RICHWHITE and their gigantic thefts….with the connivance of corrupt politicians.

There is huge top level corruption in NZ….yet the media keeps insisting that “NZ is amongst the least corrupt countries in the world”…..a fucking lie,just like their recent 10,000 new jobs created…..(70,000 new immigrants brought into the country)

Then there is the Jew mayor of Auckland talking up infrastructure development of the country…..WITHOUT once mentioning overcrowding caused by Jewish organised third world Immigration.

You get the impression that next summer in NZ is going to be the year of spontaneous fires breaking out everywhere……

Perhaps the scum in the media and parliament and their cosy arrangement will be no longer enough to dupe NZers that everything is hunky dory….

Many NZers have noted that MPs get paid absolutely ridiculous amounts of money….compared to countries abroad….THIS FACT is evidence that corruption is flourishing in NZs govt….only the corrupt would vote themselves such huge amounts of money…..

Meantime the Greens Leader is fending off the media scum…..and make no mistake…they ARE scum….this is a recognised fact across all western democracies….In third world countries REAL journalists have been incarcerated and murdered by the elites…while in the West the elites use corrupt journalists….THEY OWN THE MOFO’s……that’s why they have come to be known as PRESSTITUTES.

NOTE….Politics is a dirty business and some of the dirtiest cunts going appear on TV screens in NZ on a weekly basis.

Then there is the NZ police… becoming politicised at the upper level….if you get the picture.

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