Two fading zio-popstars to visit NZ this summer.

Alana Morrisette…..The wailing 90’s pop star is of course a Jewess….Last time she visited (20 years back)her bust was unaffected by gravity (not the gravity of her drug bust) but she gave some terrible performances which a lot of people put down to drug use…..she was wailing out of tune.She is said to be worth 40 million dollars…at least….maybe she has got some back taxes to pay….hence the trip.

George Thoroughgood …is also a crypto Jew ….but judging from his current photos he has had one too many bourbons….and we ain’t talking French aristocracy here….Kiwis should expect to be disappointed with this one.

Please take your art deco Nazi  lampshades to wave around if it is an evening concert….

Alanastein had some legal problems a while back ….her manager (a Jew of course) had helped himself to her money…..The correct word for this is “zio-cannabalism”…..when there are no goyim to prey on the beast starts feeding on itself…..



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