“Daniels” a common crypto surname

Paul Daniels the pommie show biz magician is an obvious example.(popped clogs)

“Stormy Daniels” is another…a raven haired glamour model (meaning a slag)

You could say that British show biz is totally dominated by Jews.From Saville to perverted Cliff the tennis aficionado who these days is increasingly taking on the appearance of King Tut ….post embalming process.(Crypto Cliffs hair looks a bit like a Dartmouth ponys main…and may well actually be just that)

Got a pop star….you have a Jew….like the bug eyed “Robbie Williams”.One common factor in all this is….their true ethnicity is NEVER mentioned.

Oasis® is used in flower arranging but it is also the name of a crypto Jewish pop group….who , by all accounts,are extremely unpleasant individuals…well they are Jews after all.

Paul McCartney is a semi regular at the Synagogue….both his former wife Linda and his current one….are/ were Jewesses.His daughter is in the rag trade…..which is totally dominated by Jews….including Jewish FILTH like Sir Phillip Green.

Mick Jagger…..the disgusting old letch…that goes without saying.

Jews OWN show biz and that enables them to promote the careers of rap artists who demonize whites….which explains why this goes unnoticed by the media in general.(This is beginning to backfire…since many blacks have realised that it is JEWS not whites that are ripping them off….PARTICULARLY in show business and global sports.)

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