A straight out Jewish Zio-Lie.

A helluva lot of Australians are pissed off at “their” government flooding the country with immigrants from all over the world.

Most of them have no idea that there is a Trojan Horse in Australia which is responsible….Global Jews Incorporated….because,as usual Jews disguise their identity.Most have no idea that the mega millionaire TURNBULL is a Jew….Despite that ,a lot of Aussies hate the cunt.

Okay…..the media (which is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS) tells the public that Trump (also a Jew,just like TURNBULL)has been in conversation with Turnbull via a phone call.Trump supposedly says he is not happy taking refugees that were supposed to go to Australia….the impression given was that there was a heated disagreement between the two and the conversation was abruptly terminated by Turnbull over the issue.

Okay the desired impression that this PACK OF LIES gives is that Turnbull is anti immigration and is defending Australia’s interests….


BOTH these two Jewish CUNTS are batting for the same team.BOTH of them send their respective nations troops to defend ISRAELS INTERESTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST….and both of them pledge undying allegiance to Israel.

Turnbull is ANOTHER lying Jew working towards globalisation and ultimately one world govt based in Israel……although right now that does not seem likely.

Essentially Turnbull is a FUCKING TRAITOR to Australia.

How the Jews do it.

First they take over the money supply of the country…This gives them unlimited credit.

They can now buy up all major businesses….

This is precisely the situation found in the USA today where ALL MAJOR INDUSTRIES ARE OWNED BY JEWS….EVERY MULTINATIONAL!!.

In NZ the asset stripping mega billionaire Graeme JEW Hart has pulled this trick to perfection STARTING OUT WITH A RAID ON GOVERNMENT OWNED ASSETS….with cooperation from treacherous politicians in parliament like the dirty rat Catholic former Prime Minister Jim “potato head” Bolger….now said to be worth fifteen MILLION DOLLARS…..if you get the picture.

And the media proudly announces “NZ has a very low corruption level….one of da best in da world”.

BOLLOCKS…..take a look at the political journalists in the NZ media (all crypto Jews)….they couldn’t investigate anything.even if they wanted to….useless TWATS……they are making too much money to rock the boat just like their partners in crime the trash in parliament…..

Meantime in many countries genuine journalists are being persecuted by governments some are being murdered.The pathetic trash in the NZ media are betraying the meaning of the word JOURNALIST….the fourth estate.

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