Brighton UK….an absolutely nightmarish seedy dump.

The Daily Zio-Mail has just run one of its sexual deviancy promotion articles about gayist pride marches….

They’ve gone big on a full colour spread of cavorting gayists…. on the streets of Brighton…..Is this a true picture of this fucking dump in the south of England?…..

Try rocking up there in mid winter….then take a walk along the sea front… is bleak very bleak….and the people you come across somehow don’t seem right even if you have no idea about Brightons reputation.Like most such towns in Britain it is infested by drugs and drug users…..Brighton is a town which heralds the coming collapse of Britain….(Britain is only kept afloat by the financial system…..remove that and Britain would virtually collapse overnight…..into mayhem.)

Britain is a country that has been used up….it has a look of exhaustion about it.

It is NOT a coincidence that another European country….Holland…has a similar feel about it….Amsterdam.Both Britain and the Netherlands have large numbers of crypto Jews.These countries are Jewish strongholds….The Jews shifted their financial scamming operations from Holland to London….

And….it looks like Ireland has fallen under the thrall of Jewish Power….they have an immigrant as PM who is also a fudgepacker…..A Double First in the world of political correctness.So the fact that U2,Geldof and the Corrs are Jews indicates that there has been significant numbers of crypto Jews living in Ireland….Guinness….the drink company is owned by crypto Jews.Like mushrooms Jews can remain hidden from sight for ages….but when the climatic conditions are right….suddenly there they are a whole field of them.

No doubt there is a lot of money being made by the organisers of these gay pride marches….and they say money is at the root of all evil.

The whole concept of “gay pride” is absurd….but just the sort of thing you would expect from populations that have been mass indoctrinated by Jewish run tv.

Just to think Brighton COULD have been a very pleasant place to live….but it has degenerated into a seedy hell hole populated by ,appropriately enough….degenerates.

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