Jewish controlled NZ TV runs documentary on murder and punishment in NZ

One of their “experts” being a Greg Newbold….employed at a NZ university.

He is a former heroin dealer and a Jew.Infact,strange as it may seem MOST of the “experts” in this documentary are JEWS….which is surprising since Jews make up a small proportion of NZs population.

Another Jew with a VERY questionable background who appears was Peter Williamson QC.He has made a practice of defending Jewish criminals….although it is NEVER stated they are Jews…..of course.

Like in Britain…..there are a disproportionate number of Jews in the legal profession…..AND Freemasons.

Sir Jeffery Palmer is another one

Question:.Is it healthy for any democracy to have a small ethnic minority determining how a country should be run.

Well according to world opinion it was not healthy for South Africa….

Then there is the question of Freemasons….these creeps are in practically every town in NZ….and people such as myself….they know about…..Essentially when it’s boiled down to hard facts….Freemasons subvert democracy…..They are a recognised scourge in the London police force…..

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