The Vienna Incident…

This “incident” occurred while I was on a bus tour around Europe.

I had already determined that the camping bus tour I was on had been “stacked” with Jews (cryptos)between the time I booked the trip and the actual start date.I had specifically asked how full the tour was just before my late booking….about half full.Whatever…there were a lot of them on the bus…..quite possibly they had their trips paid for them….by the likes of Soros type rich Jews.(The trip was full by the time it departed)

Right….the bus tour eventually showed up in Vienna….and I was damn sure I was being tracked around the joint….Eventually I showed up in a park area…..when suddenly there was the sound of a string of shots….I fully expected the police to show up…and waited around to see if they would.NO sign of ANYTHING… all!!.

Around dusk I was hoping to get photographs of some lighted monuments….using a tripod…..lo and behold…..MORE SHOTS ring out….once again no response from the authorities…the shots were SO OBVIOUS a member of the public would surely have reported them!.

Question:How was it that these shots attracted no interest from the police?.The answer may have been that they had already been tipped off NOT to bother.Infact I could have sworn I was being followed by a uniformed police officer the previous day…but dismissed the idea as “paranoid”.

So….what was ACTUALLY going on here?….well this shit could have come from any number of sources….(I had had “problems” in Prague….from possibly the police)

Obviously criticising Jews and was the ultimate origin of the problems….

With the appropriate smearing anything is possible….even in good old Kiwiland, zio-smearing occurs on a regular basis….and the shots of course…but not since taking up residence in the town centre….a little too obvious.

NOTEAlthough Jews were said to have been exterminated by ze Nazis….strangely there seemed to be plenty of Jewish looking people around in both Vienna and Prague…..EVEN the President of Austria (Fischer) for example who spent time on a kibbutz in the sixties!!……in Israel.

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