Jimmy Felon….an utter Jewish lightweight prick…

In short…a fucking prick.

It would not be an exaggeration to say 95% of his STUPID obnoxious guests on his intolerable idiotic show…are JEWS.

But Americans think the prick Felon is one of them…..IF that was the case he would not have his own ethnic group ONLY as guests (bar the compulsory ethnic minorities who are used as a type of camouflage for the Jews domination of the media…..so his backing band is mainly Black for the same reason.Some Blacks like Louis Farrakhan have figured that one out,years ago)

Is Jimmy Felon a racist…..of course he is….a Jewish racist.Jews totally control New York…..they run all the rackets and strip mine the city….you can see that from the state of…just for example…the subway….One of the wealthiest cities in the world has one of THE dirtiest unkempt underground systems in the world…..

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