The Project and Back Benches…well there’s a coincidence….

Both of these two kiwi TV shows are fronted by Jews…..what a weird coincidence…especially considering the small number of Jews living in NZ??.

Well they are more accurately described as CRYPTO Jews.Such Jews deliberately conceal their ethnicity…

It works a treat….because most people assume these Jews are “whites”.Thus no accusations of preferential treatment favouring Jews can be levelled….for employment in the media…

It’s all about racism…..Jewish racism…and boy do they kick up trouble if you point it out.

It is a pattern of racism that can be found in most western countries.

Tonite the Project ran a homosexual marriage promo (Jews in the media are always doing this)

They interviewed an Australian Jewish fudgepacker…..characterising Australians who opposed homosexuals getting married as dinosaurs or fascists or intolerant….the usual stuff.

Australian politicians would NOT be opposing homosexual marriage IF there was the slightest prospect of them making political capital out of it….Rather the fucking cunts know for certain there is so much opposition to this that they cannot afford to go against the vast majority of Australians opinions on the matter.

On the other hand NZ politicians couldn’t give a shit about NZers opinions…..Jewish Power is a lot more influential in NZ… is a PC nightmare.

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