Sick Jewish produced music pop videos….

The pop videos made these days are bleak nihilistic awful….often the grunting pop stars are pictured in deserted industrial landscapes….

There is one Jew produced video that is thoroughly disgusting…..this one features the crypto Jew wailer “PINK”…within the video two extras are shown (from behind) pissing into bottles…a bit later you have other extras drinking from the bottles???!!.

You wonder what goes through the crazed imagination of the Jews who produce this sickening garbage….right at the bottom of it is Jewish hatred of the goyim….meaning humanity.

Everything goes well for the Jews until people make the connection…. that it is Jews that produce this stuff…..which the vast majority of humanity would object to….

Why do these fiends go out of their way to offend people…..they have an underlying objective….

Jews… many people comment,have something intrinsically wrong with them…they make up disproportionate numbers of serial killers….just for example.All of this COULD be down to inbreeding….but their behaviour is likely to be down to a number of factors.

Obviously the actual makers of this SICK stuff need to be identified and covertly put under watch.Appealing to the tv stations that broadcast it would be a waste of time….Jews own the media.Through this ownership they are able to inflict this garbage on other races….whether they like it or not.

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