Americans CAN produce good tv drama BUT it rarely survives a couple of seasons.

Just consider the endless tv dramas that are churned out by the Jewish networks every year,year in,year out.They are all basically the same…the car chases…for example.

Mindless Jewish produced BULLSHIT.No wonder Americans are switching off in their droves,preferring to watch stuff on the net.Americans (or more accurately American Jews) cannot make wildlife documentaries or any other documentaries for that matter.The current affairs programmes are fronted BY UTTER WANKERS who interpose themselves between the subject matter and the viewers….so that THEY are part of the story….60 Minutes is diabolical…

But on extremely rare occasions they get it right.

The drama set in the American west…”Deadwood”…. is one such series…cancelled after three seasons,but still very popular on DVD.

It was helped by having a properly trained actor from Britain… Ian McShane….American actors are invariably awful…McShane played the lead role.

This show was no doubt produced by JEWS since AS IS ALWAYS THE CASE.. Jews are portrayed in a favourable light….(when Jews were,more often than not,regarded as scoundrels….and not without reason…..Local townsfolk in the American west would have dealt with the Madoffs of the time by stringing the Jew up from the nearest tree)

Contrast this show with the series about LAAAW FIRMS….yes the tedious law firms with the standardised plot lines…and the spivvy ultra smart lawyers going into bat for the helpless poor American (a fucking fantasy)

There is talk of a full length movie in production….no doubt as a result of the Star Trek revival effect….the sheer popularity of the series survived the show being cancelled.


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