Daily Mail runs disguised immigration promo.

It’s all part of the Zio-Mails bag of tricks.The Mail PURPORTS to be anti immigration….but the reality is it is promoting exactly the same agenda as The Guardian…it is just more subtle about it.

A whole village in the Cotswalds was DNA tested….and the results confirmed the desired outcome (PC)….none of the inhabitants were 100% “British”.

So…infact there are no real British people living in Britain!!…..it’s all fucking nonsense but helpful in undermining and attacking the idea of nationhood…which is the long term goal of the globalists….

There are even some extremist zio-marxists who maintain there is no such thing as race….Israel is not mentioned in all this …of course.

So….if there are no real British people…then,hey!….full steam ahead on massive third world Immigration!.

Here’s what you can say with absolute certainty….if the invasion of of Western Countries by the third world is NOT brought to a halt…..then it is just a matter of counting down the days to the collapse of Western civilisation….just like Ancient Rome….”immigration” via slaves brought into Rome was the chief cause of its collapse.

China’s civilisation never collapsed in a similar fashion because China remained Chinese and was not subject to invasion (aside from Mongols).Egypt lasted even longer….BUT as soon as foreign people’s began to settle in numbers in Egypt…that marked the end of Egyptian civilisation.It’s isolation was why it persisted for so long.

So the “right wing” Daily Mail is hastening the demise of Britain…Britain is in desperate need of a revolution of some sort to turn the situation around…but Jews control all of the levers of power and it is definitely not in their interests to change Britain’s suicidal path to destruction….Britain is in “lock down” and no change is possible while Jews like Parker control the British Secret Police MI5.

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