Political polls are now the instruments of the elite…..in other words they are worthless.

It was bound to happen…..every other means of manipulating voters is employed….straight out lying works a treat…..For example a war for Israel against Iraq needed to be justified…what could be better than Weapons of Mass Destruction being discovered in Iraq….OK the elite had to murder a weapons inspector to keep it quiet (Dr David Kelly) but the lie sure was worf it guvnor.

Then there were the Poll results indicating that the jewess from hell Hillary Clinton was going to win the election in the USA….

AND…..Theresa May was on track for a landslide result…..and that Britain was going to vote to remain in the EU.(Don’t worry about that one….Britain has not left yet….And the immigrants are STILL flooding into Europe and Britain.)

Rather than informing people about popular opinion….the polls are now employed to MANIPULATE public opinion….which is something entirely different.

In NZ the pubic is supposed to have suddenly changed its opinion thanks to a new leader of the Labour Party being installed…..when the policies of the party have not changed one bit…..aside from the new leader promising improved care for race horses…in particular vet bills relating to horse teeth care and correction.

On the other hand….the media falsely claims that polls indicate a drop off in support for the NZ First Party….WHY would political events have changed support for this party….IF ANYTHING it would have resulted in INCREASED support because it has remained free of scandals (you can bet the elite is working hard to rectify that situation)

There is one KMart-Brunstein poll that has been run recently……on who is currently the most self opinionated little git in the NZ media…..Patrick Oik Gower is predicted to win by a landslide…..now THAT is believable.

Labour voters can be assured on one thing….if they vote for Labour they are voting for TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS FLOODING INTO NZ…..every year,year in year out.

The new Labour Leader will have been thoroughly vetted to ensure she is reliably committed to globalist policies (like the Drongo ….Bill Light Fingers English)….she is a tribe member after all….the same tribe which currently holds the USA hostage…..and the world.

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