Heineken…..Dutch Brewing giant.

Before you ask….Yes the whole job lot of the Heineken mob are CRYPTO JEWS.

Easily identifiable as such…with a little background knowledge.

The daughter Charlene (no connection to the Neighbours Charlene of course) is married to a dusky toned chap by the name of Carvalho….who lo and behold has close connections to,none other than the trillionaires,the Rothschilds.**

The name Carvalho is said to be Portuguese in origin and means “Oaktree”. (Jews often had surnames of tree species….like Birch OR Oak for example.)

Freddy Heineken was at one point kidnapped for 15 million quid…but they caught all the kidnappers….the Jewish network tracked them down,along with the police of course.All stops were pulled out to capture them…..

Heineken Jr is said to be the tenth richest person in Britain…she lives there with her hubby…..keep in mind that nationality is always a fluid concept with these super rich Jews.(The Heineken mob are part of the Jewish elite which has flooded Holland with third world invaders….promoted by the Dutch media which is controlled by Jews,it goes without saying.Currently the zio-network is running their own opposition in The Netherlands…a homosexual crypto Jew by the name of Wilders.(The rough equivalent of the crypto Jew Farage in the UK)

Finding a big brewery brand in Europe that is NOT owned by Jews could be difficult.(The Irish equivalent…Guinness is owned by Irish crypto Jews….just for example.)

Using their enormous financial resources the Jews have introduced legislation forbidding Europeans from questioning the fake holocau$t….for obvious reasons.

Currently these fiends from hell are attempting to start WW3 ….required to act as a cover for the Israel’s proposed invasion and occupation of countries surrounding the racist state.

(***Like the crypto Jewish president of France….Macron).

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