Kim Jong-um Korean leader… heeds advice given on military cap size.

Famous blogger suggested that Kim should reduce the size of the military caps issued to the North Korean armed forces…..a sensible thing to do if Nth Korea intends to engage in urban warfare….currently the caps provide a conspicuous target,even picked up by American drones over flying the state.

The Nth Korean dictator is SUPPOSED to be out of touch….nevertheless he manages to describe the Jewish dickhead Trump to a T….Something many leaders around the world would like to do.

Kim Jong-Umm has yet to mention Trumps ridiculous hair do though….it is so ridiculous it is worthy of comment.

While the media pokes fun at Um….Trump is just as worthy of mockery….just listen to his current gung-ho bullshit about Kimster….it is straight out of a movie…..A Western circa mid 1950s…..what a PRICK!!.

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