Kiwis should buy Whittakers Chocolate and NOT Cadburys!!

Cadbury is now a multinational OWNED by American Jews….it is actually not really chocolate in the purest sense.

Whittakers is actually VERY GOOD chocolate….but they sell their chocolate in bigger blocks and thus Cadburys seem cheaper…

For some reason Whittackers are using pricey British celebrity Jews to advertise their chocolate….maybe they are planning to enter the pommie market.If they do manage that their sales will expand exponentially..poms eat loads of chocolate….and they will now have no loyalty to the Cadbury brand since it has been snapped up by a rapacious American multinational.

Whittakers have the potential to become a notable player in the international market….the product is VERY good.

If that happens….one of these multinationals will make an offer the owners cannot refuse….and the 100 year old brand will be lost to NZ forever….the profits feeding the insatiable greed of the Jewish elite in America.

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